Western Victorian Wine Challenge – GOLD 6 Pack

Western Victorian Wine Challenge – GOLD 6 Pack

We have gathered some of the Grampians Wine winners from the 2023 Wine Challenge as a launch pack for the Great Western Hotel. Dan shared a little clip about this pack – click here to watch.

The Western Victorian Wine Challenge is an annual event that showcases the finest wines from four distinct winemaking regions: the Grampians, Pyrenees, Henty, and Ballarat. This esteemed competition, judged by wine industry experts across categories including sparkling, white, red, and museum wines, sets a comprehensive benchmark for producers, trade professionals, and wine enthusiasts.

Each year, wineries from these regions submit their top wines to compete for recognition and acclaim. The challenge not only celebrates the diversity and quality of wines produced in Western Victoria but also provides a platform for winemakers to display their craftsmanship and innovation.

The judging process, overseen by knowledgeable and experienced judges, ensures that only the highest quality wines receive awards. This rigorous evaluation offers valuable feedback to winemakers, aiding them in refining their techniques and raising the standard of winemaking in the region.

For wine enthusiasts, the Western Victorian Wine Challenge offers a unique opportunity to explore exceptional wines from Western Victoria’s diverse terroirs. Whether it’s the bold reds of the Grampians, the elegant whites of the Pyrenees, the cool-climate delights of Henty, or the historic charm of Ballarat, there’s something to suit every palate.

Beyond promoting the region’s wines, the challenge fosters a sense of community among winemakers, industry professionals, and wine lovers. It serves as a celebration of Western Victoria’s rich viticultural heritage and ongoing innovation in winemaking.

You can read all about the award winners for 2023 here.

We have gathered a box of 6 for you to taste gold medal wines !

1 x GOLD – Seppelt Salinger 2018 Vintage

1 x GOLD – Seppelt Drumborg 2023 Riesling

1 x GOLD – Seppelt Drumborg 2022 Chardonnay

1 x GOLD – Best’s Wines Great Western 2023 Rosé

1 x GOLD – Mount Langi Ghiran 2021 Cliff Edge Shiraz

1 x GOLD – Grampians Estate 2021 GST

All  delivered free anywhere in Australia.



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