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Seppelt Fleur De Lys – a crowd favourite

The Seppelt Non-Vintage Wine, Fleur de Lys, is a distinguished choice at the Great Western Hotel, celebrated for its exceptional quality and elegant character. As a popular offering at the pub, it attracts both wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, making it a staple in the hotel’s wine selection. Seppelt,

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What to do in regional Victoria: visit Great Western

Keen for a relaxing get away and some indulgence not too far from home?  Pack up the car and head to Great Western, the wine and food village of the Grampians. This picturesque township is located on the Western Highway between Melbourne and Adelaide. First settled in the 1840s by

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The Murton Family History

John Murton was kind enough to share with us a bit about his family history and how they helped to shape Great Western into the town it is today. The Murton family were a prominent family here in Great Western with a rich and interesting history. William Arthur was born

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