Best’s Wines Riesling 2023

Best’s Wines Riesling 2023

Riesling vines were first planted here at Best’s Wines in the 1860s, as part of Henry Best’s ‘Nursery Block’.

From subsequent plantings in 1944 (since removed), 1978 and 1998 Riesling has become a significant part of our range. Riesling vines from Great Western produce elegant, flavoursome and age-worthy Rieslings which stand alongside some of the most outstanding examples of the variety in Australia.

In recent times, the style has evolved to match the continental climatic conditions to a beautifully balanced wine with texture and aromatics. The climate and soils in the Grampians wine region suit the Riesling variety perfectly.

Our cool, continental location makes for very cold winters and strong diurnal (daily) temperature shifts during the growing season. This ensures full ripeness and plenty of natural acidity in the grapes.