Dhiaga - Moscato

Dhiaga (Dee-a-ga) means divine, heavenly or god-like in Irish. At Dhiaga they aspire to make wines worthy of the gods by using nature’s gifts and all the magic and mystery they can conjure up. They craft their wines to be a little bit special and unique by using thoughtful winemaking technique and only as much intervention as required. 

From an old vineyard at Lake Boga in Victoria. Extended skin contact before a wild yeast ferment. With Justin’s experience in brewing beer he added beer hops at the end of ferment to add aromatics, complex flavours, bitterness and a natural preserving effect from the hop oils. The wine was bottled à la pétillante naturelle to finish fermentation in bottle. Preservative free.

Available from the Great Western Hotel at $35 a bottle or $10 a glass

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