ATR Wines –  2021 Vintage Rosé

Adam Richardson, the mastermind behind ATR Wines (that is his initials…. ) has released a master blend of Nebbiolo, Durif, Shiraz and Tannat, with a touch of Riesling.  Adam harvested each variety separately at their own Rosé maturity level, fermented separately to add their own piece of the puzzle to this Rosé blend.

Nebbiolo – structure and some of the floral tones

Durif – strawberry notes

Shiraz – the generous mid-palate

Tannat – structure and length

Riesling – for zing

The individual wines were blended after fermentation that has produced a delicately structured, aromatic and intriguing Rosé.  You will taste rose petals, stone fruit, strawberries and cream. Crisp, yet soft, fruity tet mineral, and fun yet (a little bit) serious.

This Rosé is unique, complex, but is easy to drink.  Has potential for cellaring, but ATR Wines will be releasing another Rosé next vintage.

ATR Wines –  2021 Vintage Rosé

Available from the Great Western Hotel’s cellars for $35 a bottle or $10 a glass. Served chilled.

ATR Wines is situated at Armstrong, about 5km from the township of Great Western and it has a cellar door that is open from Thursday until Sunday.  ATR Wines has quite a unique cellar experience with their wine lounge. You can explore the ancient craft of winemaking in ATR’s unique environment.  Head over to ATR Wines website to find out more details about Adam and his wine, sign up for his newsletter so you know when all of the new vintages are released.